Low & Fixed Income Tickets and Scholarships

We know that you know that High Holy Day ticket sales are how many synagogues – including Ner Shalom – financially support and sustain their programs and community for much of the year. It is an odd fact of Jewish communal life in this era.

But more important is your ability to attend, participate, pray, sing and whatever else you need to do this season. We want you to be part of this community, and for that reason Ner Shalom offers a low-income/fixed income rate for its members (available on-line or with the downloadable registration form).

If you would like to attend services or would like to use our childcare services and are not able to pay the low/fixed income rate, please contact our Administrator, Vicki Allen at (707) 664-8622 or e-mail her to request a partial scholarship. Requests must be made at least four working days in advance of services. No scholarship assistance will be available at the door.s

Please pre-register so we can guarantee you a seat.