Ner Shalom: Strictly Scent Free

We Love You Just the Way You Smell

Congregation Ner Shalom is dedicated to creating community and ritual space that is safe and accessible to all, including people with severe environmental sensitivity. It's easy to do once you know how:
Please don't wear cologne, perfume, or scented hair (or other) products when you come to Ner Shalom.
If you smoke, please take time to let the smoke from your last cigarette dissipate before entering the building. If you are not certain how you smell, please steer clear of the northernmost seating section at Ner Shalom – our glatt scent-free section.

As you settle into a scent-free, chem-free way of thinking, consider buying scent-free laundry detergent and fabric softener, so that you can hug everyone at shul, and everyone can hug you.

Tell your guests. They might be resistant at first. Looking nice for synagogue might, for them, include smelling nice. So please explain to them that being scented may seem small to them, but not to someone who may not be able to remain in the room at services because of it. Or just tell them we're sticklers (because we are).
We thank you for making our holy space safe for everyone.



A discussion of the importance of scent-free space by Adrian Ballou on the website "Everyday Feminism."

Resources on fragrance, science, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, safe products and being a good ally and fellow citizen can be found in the website "Think Before You Stink."