Yom Kippur Day

Morning Service

9:30 AM – Kid-Friendly Morning Service Begins – ALL AGES
9:30 AM – Alternative Adult Meditative Session (1 hour)
10:30 AM – Service Continues for Adults; Child Care Begins

We move deeper into our work of teshuvah, finding the road back to our own selves, working to repair our hearts, our relationships and the world we share. The service will include Storahtelling, a lively, participatory presentation of the Torah Service. The day will open with stories and song suitable for children, with an adult-only contemplative service running concurrently.

Yom Kippur Afternoon

3:30 PM – Healing Service
We come back together to pray for healing. With song, imagery and prayer we will focus on refuah shleymah – complete healing of body and spirit, for ourselves, our loved ones, and others in the world who are hurting.

4:30 PM – Book of Jonah
We will read the Book of Jonah together and explore the transformational themes in it – looking at the national transformation of Nineveh and the personal transformation of Jonah.

5:00 PM – Yizkor Service
Led by Sally Churgel
Free and open to all.

As we take stock on Yom Kippur, we become aware of those who have gone before us whose influence we still feel in our lives. Join us for memory, story and song. Please bring photos or memorabilia of loved ones whose loss you hope to reflect on, if you did not already bring those items and place them on the Memorial Table at Kol Nidre. (Be sure to mark them as yours.)

6:00 PM – Neilah Service
Potluck Break-the-Fast Follows

In our tradition, we imagine the Gates of Heaven closing at the end of Yom Kippur. The Neilah service is the time of the closing of the gates; our last communal opportunity to make amends, to achieve new resolve, to write our own intentions in the Book of Life. The service is followed at 7:00 PM by a short havdalah and a potluck vegetarian break-the-fast.

October 5