Rosh Hashanah Day

9:30 AM – Morning Service Begins, Focus on our Children
9:30 AM – Alternative Adult Meditative Session (1 hour)
10:30 AM – Service Continues for Adults; Child Care Begins
1:00 PM ~ Vegetarian Potluck Lunch
3:00 PM – Tashlikh, at a body of water TBA

We move deeper into the spirit of the Holy Days, listening closely to the needs of our souls. The morning includes a Shofar Service as well as this year's installment of Storahtelling, a lively, participatory, theatrical presentation of the Torah reading. The morning service will conclude by approximately 1 PM. The day will open with stories and song suitable for young children. An adult-only contemplative option will be running at the same time.

Tashlikh, free and open to the public, will take place at a natural body of water, where we will engage in the old ritual of letting go of what holds us back by casting seeds into the living water.