Ner Shalom's Progressive Jewish Cemetery


Resting with Community

In September 2018 Ner Shalom dedicated a section of Pleasant Hills Cemetery in Sebastopol as its own cemetery, reflecting the values Ner Shalom holds as a living community. It is open to all people who identify as Jews and their loved ones. Unlike traditional Jewish cemeteries, the Ner Shalom Cemetery offers space for people who prefer cremation. It will accommodates the needs of families who have, God forbid, lost a loved one to suicide.

The site is beautiful. The Ner Shalom Cemetery is located in the “natural” section of Pleasant Hills, called Burbank Gardens. Some restrictions apply to the natural section, although they are restrictions consonant with the customs of Jewish burial. So, for example, there will be no vaults or grave liners. Caskets (if desired at all) must be simple bio-degradable wood or wicker. “Green burial” is also available (i.e. without a coffin, all materials biodegradable, grave dug and filled by hand). Gravestones with inscriptions are welcome, but they must be natural stone. Other decorations and features are not permitted.

Prices for burial plots at Pleasant Hills are among the most affordable in the County. Single plots are available. Single plots used for double and triple-layered burial are available. And half-size plots for ashes are available. We also offer a "scattering garden" for communal placement of ashes. Plot prices as of January 2019 can be downloaded here. Plot purchase must be arranged directly with Pleasant Hills by calling (707) 823-5042. 

Purchase of a plot in the Ner Shalom Cemetery also entails a $250 fee for members or a $500 fee for non-members to the Ner Shalom Cemetery Endowment Fund. This fund is used to help maintain our section and to offer subsidies to Ner Shalomers who cannot afford the full cost of burial.

If you have not begun any end-of-life planning, we invite you to consider purchasing space in the Ner Shalom cemetery. Payment plans are available. Call (707) 823-5042.

Images of the Cemetery Dedication

Photos by Penny Wolin. All rights reserved.

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