Ner Shalom Membership

There's Something Special about Ner Shalom

People say there's something special about Ner Shalom. They say that coming to Ner Shalom for Shabbat services, High Holy Days, Chanukah, or our Passover Seder makes their heart sing. That they find the prayers, meditations, and insights of our spiritual leaders, led by Reb Irwin Keller, often refreshing and downright inspiring. That the music raises the rafters and their spirits – whether it’s strummed by our Good Shabbos Band or sung by our Ner Shalom Singers. That they enjoy our uniquely rewarding array of Jewish programming – our Yiddish offerings, Shabbastopol potluck gatherings, Saplings Chavurah for Families with Young Children or Chant Circle.

What about you?

Whatever keeps you coming back, we’re happy to see you! Please don’t be shy! We welcome initiative here. Got an idea for a kind of service, or a new poem or tune, or an event you’d like to see? Let us know how you would like to engage with this vibrant community.

And now for full disclosure: while it’s true that we appreciate and enjoy your presence here and welcome you whenever you like, we do need your support. Please consider becoming a Member or a Friend of Congregation Ner Shalom.
Two SimplePaths to Including Yourself in Ner Shalom – Why not give it a try!

Ner Shalom Membership

Just do one of these: (Multiple choice! Easy! And they’re all correct!)

  1. Fill out a yellow guest information cards when you're in the building; or
  2. Speak to a greeter at our services or events; or
  3. Contact our administrator, Barbara Hirschfeld by email.

Friends of Ner Shalom

Your annual, tax-deductible contribution of $108 or more will enable us to have services, events, and classes and also doors that open! To become a Friend of Ner Shalom, send a check to Congregation Ner Shalom, 85 La Plaza, Cotati, CA 94931 or click here. Please designate “Friend of Ner Shalom” on your check or online donation.

If you have any questions about which will work best for you, please contact us at (707) 664-8622 or email

Attendees of the 2017 Ner Shalom Congregational Meeting. Image by Lorenzo Valensi.

Attendees of the 2017 Ner Shalom Congregational Meeting. Image by Lorenzo Valensi.